September 27, 2023

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Craftsman home renovation ideas that keep character

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Craftsman homes trace their roots to the late 19th century. An architectural style inspired by the arts and crafts movement that flourished in Europe and North America for roughly 40 years between 1880 and 1920, the American craftsman home has endured into the 21st century thanks to its beauty and the unique feel its homes inspire.

Many craftsman homes were built nearly a century ago, if not even earlier. That means these homes may be in need of some renovations that make them more functional in modern times without sacrificing their historic beauty.

• Siding: Craftsman homes are instantly recognizable from the street. Homeowners who want to maintain that authentic craftsman feel must carefully consider their choice of material when replacing the siding on their homes. The siding manufacturer Allura notes that fiber cement siding can be a great option for homeowners who want to replicate the original design of craftsman homes built with sported board-and-batten siding. Fiber cement siding gives the appearance of wood when installed and does not fade quickly or require significant maintenance.

• Exterior color: Homeowners need not feel beholden to certain colors when replacing siding or repainting their homes’ exteriors. Nautical color schemes featuring navy blue exteriors with white accents can highlight features that are unique to craftsman homes, but more understated colors and tones can work just as well.

• Porches: An expansive, welcoming front porch that makes for the perfect place to relax and read when the outdoors beckons is a telltale feature of craftsman homes. Furniture options abound when homeowners are looking to upgrade the living spaces just outside the front door of their craftsman homes. Adirondack chairs can make a porch a relaxing place to enjoy a morning coffee or post-dinner digestif, while wicker furniture can help homeowners establish a relaxing vibe for summer. A porch swing or hammock can make that relaxing vibe resonate even more.

• Real wood cabinets: Cabinets are a popular avenue homeowners look to when they want to give their kitchens a new look without breaking the bank. When upgrading cabinets in a craftsman home, the home renovation experts at HGTV note that craftsman-style kitchen cabinets often feature straight lines and minimal ornamentation. Cabinets are typically made from heavy woods like quartersawn oak, hickory, cherry, or maple. HGTV notes that updating the cabinets in a craftsman home often requires custom cabinetmakers, so the project may be more expensive than it would be if replacing the cabinets in a different style of home.

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