September 26, 2023

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Elevate Your Space with These 10 Quick Decorating Ideas | Lifestyles

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Feeling like your home’s interior decorating needs an upgrade, but not ready to commit a lot of time and money? There are plenty of simple additions or replacements that make a significant impact on the look and feel of the most-used rooms in your house. 

Here’s a list of inexpensive items you can use to elevate your indoor space and tips on how they affect your home’s atmosphere. 

Faux Plants

Green accents make any space feel homey and fresh. They bring brightness and the feeling of health and wellness reminiscent of being outdoors. Using faux plantsmeans you won’t have to stress about watering schedules, especially if you and your family are out and about much of the time.

Add a tall fake tree or two to entryways, offices, and sunrooms. Try smaller plants or succulents for bathroom shelves, windowsills, and bookshelf accents. Use artificial ferns or other medium-sized planters next to TV stands, fireplaces, or in the corners of the dining room or kitchen.

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They’re easy to pick up at a thrift store, a large chain, or an artisan craft fair, and a strategically placed vase is all about elegance. Add a vase to your bookshelf next to a small stack of books all in the same color. You can also place one on the center of a mantle or as a centerpiece on your kitchen table or island. The key is to decide whether the vase is a cohesive, blending piece in a neutral color, or whether it will be your statement item for that space. Handmade items, in particular, make great conversation pieces to draw the eye and inspire interest.

Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are one of the easiest accents to change out with the seasons (or on a whim) and they can make a big statement. Go monochromatic and keep them all the same color for a put-together feeling, or go with two or three coordinated colors. Add one pillow with extra texture, shine, or a large graphic to be the focal point of the sitting area or bedroom.


Lighting in any room is relatively easy to change out and can dramatically change the feel of a space. Add a chandelier to a dining area, or swap outdated kitchen lights for a sleek, modern style that literally and figuratively brightens your workspace. In bedrooms, try dimmable lights or globe chandeliers to give warmth and style.


Curtains are incredibly versatile in designing your space. They can make a room appear taller, add warmth, color, or even a cooling effect. Try gauzy curtains in a bright, hot room to add whimsy and airy-ness, or heavy tartan drapes in a chilly downstairs guest room to make it cozier. Curtains in the kitchen and living room can pull the space together and add a finishing touch.


Guests love walking into a home that smells like cinnamon or fresh laundry. Add the dimension of scent to your interior design atmosphere with the addition of candles, incense, or a diffuser. You can get an electric diffuser you plug into the wall or a reed diffuser that looks great on a shelf. 


Mirrors add light and visual space to even the smallest rooms. Add a mirror opposite a window to reflect more sunshine in. Add one to a narrow entry to create spaciousness or to guest rooms and dark living areas to brighten the corners.

Digital Art 

The great thing about digital art is how easy it is to swap when the mood or season strikes. With just one frame that’s perfect for your space, you can download and print new digital art for a very reasonable price and switch it up whenever you need!

Meaningful Statement Piece 

Another way to elevate your space is to make meaningful statements. This could be a souvenir from an important trip in your life, a photo from the time you climbed a 14er, or a photo of your family with your four-legged friends. Whatever it is, draw the eye toward it by creating a little space around it, or coordinating the colors of your other design elements to accent it.


Matching Serving Glasses or Dishes

Nothing says classy like a set of matching wine glasses, ice cream dishes, or snack trays. It shouts host-with-the-most and brings cohesiveness to your interior space that’s noticeable even in large gatherings.  

With these ideas, it’s easy to elevate your space without breaking the bank—you can choose one idea to add to your decor or take on several and make your decorating statement!

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