September 26, 2023

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Hold off on trying any DIY home foundation repairs, professionals advise

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While there may be some DIY fixes for other things in your home, there is not a DIY fix for foundation repair — but you can save money when faced with major home repairs, if you take the right steps, said Jade Owens, director of operations for Baird Foundation Repair.

Owens went on to explain what steps homeowners should take when considering a foundation repair.

If someone knows they might have foundation issues are and are looking to remodel, where should they start?

You want to start with the ground up, Owens said.

Make sure you do not have any foundation issues before you do any major home remodeling. So, check for things like cracks in your walls, on the interior or exterior doors or windows that might be sticking or floors that are sagging. Those are things that could be signs. So, make sure you get that fixed first, Owens added.

Takeaway: Look out for cracks in the walls, sagging doors, windows and floors.


Why isn’t home foundation repair a DIY fix?

“There is actually an art to foundation repair,” said Owens. “It’s a mix of having an experienced crew with years of on-the-job experience and also innovative products. Doing this yourself is just not a good idea. It can be scary, as well. But you want to make sure you’re getting that permanent fix, because fixing things improperly and not doing it right can really mess up the integrity of your home and of course, long-term and your property value. And it just it creates a lot of issues.”

Takeaway: It’s advised by foundation repair professionals not to create a DIY foundation project at home. Talk to someone trustworthy in the home improvement business to take over this project.

What are some of the tips to save money during a major home repair like this?

“First, fix it early. The earlier you can fix it, the better,” Owens said. “It’s just like your car maintenance and repairs. When you fix it early, it’s likely cheaper — a lot less complicated.


“A lot of companies will offer financing to help lower that burden. Make sure that you’re going with a trusted contractor, so you only have to fix it once. It’s really unfortunate, the times we hear from customers, saying that they have to call us out after someone else has already done repairs. And you might have thought you were getting a cheaper solution, but in the long run, it does become more costly. Just make sure that you find someone that’s trusted.”

Takeaway: Find a local company that is trusted, and ask if financing options are available.

Baird Foundation repairs slab, pier and beam foundations, as well as concrete leveling of driveways, sidewalks and pool decks. Financing is available, as well. The group offers free inspections to homeowners and received an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau along with being a 2020 BBB Torch Award Finalist for Ethics, the company said. Watch the segment above to see how you can save on your Baird Foundation Repair bill. To learn more, click here.

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