September 23, 2023

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What Are the Greatest Designs for Functional Kitchens?

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Are you having trouble navigating your kitchen effectively? Perhaps you require extra space, or you believe your kitchen is too ‘roomy,’ and you could benefit from a kitchen island to split it up?

When building a new kitchen, one aspect that is frequently overlooked is how useful the layout is. We consider new replacement kitchen doors, a new cooker or refrigerator, and whether or not we have room for a table and chairs. Functional kitchen designs are made such that you can access all areas of the kitchen and make the most of the space you do have.

So, if you’re planning a kitchen remodel, looking for fresh layout ideas, or simply want to know the greatest functional and modern kitchen design ideas for future reference, we’ve got you covered.

L-Shaped Kitchen Island

We’ve previously looked at L-shaped kitchens and demonstrated how they may be used to accommodate the ‘work triangle.’

Its open layout and the fact that it eliminates a lot of ‘foot traffic’ disturbance in the kitchen make it one of the greatest functional kitchen designs available. An island in the middle of the room may really bring this design to life. If you add a cooker, an island provides a third tabletop that can be utilized effectively for prepping food to cook or perhaps cooking the food itself.

Kitchen with U-Shaped Island

While an L-shaped kitchen is more suited for smaller rooms, even if a kitchen island can help to reduce the extra space, a U-shaped kitchen is ideal for larger spaces.

A kitchen island reduces empty space while maintaining the work triangle. It also adds a lot of versatility to your kitchen by adding another main working area. We would recommend this choice for larger spaces because smaller rooms can become quite crowded, but if you can keep between 5 – 7 feet between the U shape and the island, you will have enough of a place to work in.

A U-shaped kitchen with an island is one of the more functional kitchen designs for larger spaces, and if you have a large kitchen, it will provide an excellent working area that is not disrupted.

Galley Kitchens

So you have a limited amount of area to deal with, and a kitchen island is out of the question. Perhaps even an L-shaped kitchen is pushing the boundaries of what you can get.

Galley kitchens are ideal for apartments or tiny houses since they are created with compact dwellings in mind. Why are they so popular as functional kitchen ideas for small homes? They work by running two single lines parallel to each other, with the cooking area on one side and the washing up area on the other, with storage dispersed across both lines.

They won’t work well in larger rooms, and we don’t advocate putting an island because it divides the kitchen in half and makes it difficult to reach the other side, but they work amazingly well as a functional kitchen design in a tiny space.

Kitchens in the U and L shapes that do not have an island

Finally, we return to the tried-and-true U and L shapes – but without an island this time.

These two layouts are lauded as two of the most functional kitchen designs because they operate. If you’re low on space but not so much that a galley kitchen is out of the question, a basic L or U-shaped plan will keep your kitchen functional.

Both can function in smaller areas, especially if the idea of an island is abandoned because they promote the work triangle very effectively, and which one you choose depends on the style that you choose. It can also be influenced by the amount of natural light available since a U-shaped kitchen might feel somewhat contained, whilst an L-shaped kitchen opens up the space.

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What Are the Greatest Designs for Functional Kitchens?

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